We recommend, especially during high season, that tours to Corcovado National Park and Isla del Caño be booked in advance to guarantee your spot. However, please be aware that if you choose to cancel less than 1 week prior, you will be charged 50% of the tour price.

We include all transportation in tour prices on days when two or more people are heading out. However, smaller groups will be required to pay a $10 shuttle surcharge. We make every effort to avoid this, but please help us out by trying to plan your tours for the following days (or just make friends with other guests while you are here and get a group together!)

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Local Tours

Cinta Blanca- $45- flexible departure times- Spanish-speaking guide only

A dynamic trail through a beautiful rainforest-clad valley culminating with a refreshing swim at a natural spa in the jungle with a spectacular waterfall. Felipe, are certified guides from our local village and will talk your ear off about the many endangered trees on the property, as well as the traditional and medicinal uses of important native plants. This private tour can be experienced on foot or on horseback.

Madre Selva- $47- flexible departure times- bilingual guide
This trail takes you through stunning primary and secondary rainforest and ends with a relaxing dip and snack at a hidden waterfall. Local guides, Jhonson get very excited about poison dart frogs, and are sure to seek out the 4 species that can be found here along the way. This private tour can be experienced on foot or on horseback.

Night Bug Tour- $35- 6:00pm to 9:30pm- bilingual guide
One of our most talented local guides, Edin, will take you on an adventurous night hike through the jungle and rivers in the area looking for all kinds of fascinating nocturnal creatures. Snakes, spiders and an endless supply of insects can all be discovered on this tour, but don’t worry! Edin will make sure you are safe from any nasties! Please bring a flashlight and remember to borrow some rubber boots from us.

Bird Watching Tour- $35- flexible departure times- bilingual guide
There are over 350 species of birds residing in the Osa Peninsula. It is truly the birders paradise! Join our certified guide and friendly next-door neighbor Edin on this hike through forest and lagoons in the local area. Species you may encounter include toucans, aricaris, scarlet macaws, trogons, honeycreepers, several species of tanager, an assortment of cute hummingbirds, falcons, eagles, herons and much more!

Sea Turtle Tour- $35- 8pm to 11pm- August to November only
Our popular sea turtle night patrol on the 3.6km playa Drake in El Progreso offers the unforgettable opportunity to watch endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting or even release hatchlings into the sea! Your expert guide from local conservation association ACOTPRO, will describe how the nesting process works and how the village protects the sea turtles.

Laguna Chocuaco & Sendero- $70- flexible departure times
A unique and spectacular canoe trip across Laguna Chocuaco, one of the Osa’s great wetland systems and best-kept secrets. The lake is surrounded by a panorama of mountainous virgin forest and is a haven for water birds and wild flowers. The trip includes an opportunity to try out some traditional artesenal fishing while on the lake. From here, guests can choose to explore the rainforest surrounding the lagoon, discovering the secrets and historical context of important trees and medicinal plants found along the trail, and will have the opportunity to try some typical seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Community Activities

Empanada Cooking Class- $15 – 2pm to 4pm
One of our local cooking stars Yirlani and her wonderful family host this class right next door to the hostel! Make empanadas from scratch in a traditional rural Costa Rican household, practice your Spanish and share your creations for a meal together. Vegetarian options are also available.

Artesenal Fishing- $20 – departure time depending on tides, 4hrs approx.
Join one of our young guides on a line fishing trip to one of the best kept secrets of Drake Bay. Take a 45 minute hike through our rural village, up into primary forest. Arrive at a viewpoint overlooking a stunning estuary system and then fish for your supper like the Ticos do! If you have a lucky morning, don’t forget to ask our chef to prepare your catch of the day for you.

Environmental Education Class- Small donation – Availability depending on schedule
Come along to one of our after school environmental education classes and participate in learning with local kids! A great activity for families, you will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish, play environmental and cooperative games and learn about the unique natural wonders of the Osa Peninsula through a child’s eyes. Helena and Alvaro, our environmental educators ask that you consider bringing something along for the kids when participating in the class- any kind of basic school or art supplies, a snack to share or a small cash donation. Thank you!

Sunset Beach BBQ- $15 – 4:30pm – Minimum 4 people
Join us and other guests to watch the sun setting with a beautiful view of Isla del Cano, right from our nearest beach! Our local chef will prepare a picnic and BBQ of fish, potatoes and plantains and you can relax, practice your Spanish and enjoy the view. On this activity we can drive most of the way to the beach, but please bring a headlamp for the short walk.
Classic Tours

Corcovado National Park- $90- 5:30am to 2:30pm
Our popular day-trip to the Sirena ranger station takes you on a boat journey from Agujitas to the park (wet landings), during which you may see whales, dolphins and turtles. At the park you will explore exquisite trails with your guide on foot to find monkeys, birds, insects, tapir, peccary, pumas, jaguars, bull sharks, river otters, crocodiles and much more. Round-trip transportation from the hostel, an experienced bilingual guide,park entrance fee, and a picnic lunch are all included in the price.

Isla del Caño- $80/$135- 6:30am to 2:30pm
We offer both snorkeling and scuba diving (two tanks) day-trips to Isla del Caño. On the boat trip (wet landings), whales, dolphins and turtles may be seen en route, but once in the water tourists may spot giant manta rays, tuna, needlefish, barracuda, snapper, sharks, sea turtles, moray eels, dolphins, and whales, among much other marine life. Round-trip transportation from the hostel, an experienced bilingual guide, park entrance fee, and a picnic lunch at playa San Josecito are all included in the price. It is possible for snorkelers to accompany dive groups; please ask hostel personnel to make arrangements.

Rio Sierpe Mangroves- $ 90- 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
A spectacular half-day boat excursion (wet landing) of the Terrabra-Sierpe protected mangrove park. Mainly a bird-watching tour, tourists are almost guaranteed to spot herons, egrets, cotingas and ospreys in their pristine natural habitat; But there is also a good chance of spotting also mammals, such as agouti and river otters; And reptiles, like alligators, crocodiles and tree boas. Round trip transportation from the hostel, an experienced bilingual guide and entrance to the park are included in the price.

Whale and Dolphin Watch- $ 90- 7:30 a.m. to 2pm
This tour takes tourists on a boat trip (wet landings) around the exquisite coast of the Osa Peninsula to look for the huge pods of spinner dolphins and spotted dolphins that inhabit the waters here. Other species that may be found include pilot whales, fake killer whales, bottlenose and more. In September and October, humpback whales also fill the water. Sightings of mothers with their calves are common, and humpbacks often make incredible raids and lobtailing near the boat, offering incredible photo opportunities that will make their friends and family very jealous. Round trip transportation from the hostel and an experienced bilingual guide are included in the price.

Deep-sea fishing- $ 80- flexible departure times- minimum 4 people
This half-day fishing trip, which starts from Agujitas (wet landings), takes tourists around the coastal waters of Drake Bay to catch snapper, wahoo, dorado, real mackerel and even sailfish and tuna. Sea turtles, whales and dolphins are often sighted along the way. Round trip transportation from the lodge, fishing equipment and an experienced bilingual guide are included in the price.

Canopy Tour- $ 65- flexible departure times
This half-day excursion will take you to Drake Bay’s first zip line attraction at Corcovado Canopy Tours in Los Planes. Located in an impressive forest area containing some of the highest trees in the area, the site has 13 platforms (up to 30 meters high) and 11 cables (190-400 meters long). The tour is certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and is insured by the National Insurance Institute (INS). Round trip transportation from the hostel, equipment and a certified canopy guide (English, Spanish and German) are included in the price.

Rio Claro Floating Tour- $ 65- 6:30 a.m. to 2pm
This tour is a truly unique and fun way to explore the breathtaking rainforest of Rio Claro, Playa San Josecito and Drake Bay. Beginning in the town of Los Planes, the tour includes a walk to a swimming waterfall followed by a float down the river to the coast. Lunch at Playa San Josecito and all transportation included.

Ruta de los Felinos- $ 60- flexible departure times
This tour leads you on the seek of the big felines of the region, seeking their footprints and being surrounded by all the nature from a primary forest. Its a hard 8 hours tours only for braves ones . Guide, Lunch during the tour and all transportation included.

Tours Locales Precio por Persona Precio por Persona (al caballo)
Cinta Blanca $45
Madre Selva $47
Descubre la Naturaleza
Night Tour $35
Bird Tour $35
Sea Turtle Tour $35
Laguna Chocuaco & Sendero $70
Actividades de la Comunidad
Empanada Cooking Class $15
Coconut oil tour $30
Making Cheese Coming soon
Artisanal Fishing $20
Environmental Education Class donación pequeña
Sunset Beach BBQ            $15
Tours Clásicos
Corcovado National Park $90
Isla del Caño Snorkeling $80
Isla del Caño Diving  (2-dives) $135
Río Sierpe Mangroves $90
Whale and Dolphin Watch $90
Canopy Tour $65
Floating Tour  Rio Claro $65
Fishing Tour $80

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